The promise of a true Network Digital Twin

What is a Digital Twin ?


Recently the concept of a Digital Twin was introduced although the professional software application industry is very familiar with what it aims to solve since the mid 70ties. The new name Digital Twin triggers our imagination and comes at a moment in time where new and powerful IT solutions will fulfill that ambition 

A Digital Twin is simply said a digital replica of a non-living physical asset or multiple assets. This can be anything: A jet engine, a chemical factory, a building, a city or… a physical telco or utility network. Like real identical twins they not only look very similar but as they mature, they stay identical as well as the years go by.

This brings us to the entire lifecycle of any physical network: fiber network, electrical grid, water main, any network type. As the real network is built and maintained over many years, we want the digital version to reflect all the changes of the original one.  Just like a real twin.


Digital Twins of today integrate all recent IT trends such as IoT and sensors, artificial intelligence, machine learning among others in order to keep the digital copy as close and current with the original version. As change is introduced in the real world, that change is automatically pushed forward to the digital version. The more accurate you can bring your Digital Twin the better decisions you can take across the entire lifecycle of your assets.   


The need for a modern software platform built to tackle fast industry change. Today's solutions have become the bottleneck and customers lose quite some competitive edge. Faster deployments and even faster adapting to a changing World became a must to lead the market.


Not 20% faster but 2 times faster.​ Think about the possibilities. 

Full Life Cycle Management of your Network Assets 


Our real world is changing faster and faster as cities grow and more people live in cities every day. Additionally Network Operators are facing multiples challenges such as accelerated FttH and 5G deployment, IoT, Smartizing Grid systems, Operating Costs Reduction through better Optimization and Predictive Maintenance. Marlin as a True Multi-Utility Geospatial Asset Management system that offers both flexibility and scalability to allow Network Operators improve the efficiency in network planning, design, build, operate and maintain processes.

The Marlin Digital Twin focuses on your physical assets whether they are Passive ("the cables") or Active ('"the devices") and does this in the context of a Geospatial session or more. 

True Asset lifecycle management: from conceptual design over planning towards detailed engineering and as-built operations. No replication here since the asset just moves through its lifecycle. Therefore Marlin offers advanced versioning so every asset will exist once after the initial creation. No continuous duplication of your asset data. Stop the copy/paste of data. The latter is the best guarantee for quality degradation.   

The promise of Marlin.

Our team has years of experience with selling, implementing and maintaining all leading GIS inventory solutions, promising the most efficient and highest ROI solution. But the promised land was never reached. So we started to build the next-generation of geospatial asset management to deliver a solution that is future and delivers on the promise.