The Marlin Ecosystem

The team behind Marlin has a long track record in utility asset management and GIS. From business development, business advice, implementation to maintenance. With change in both the IT-industry and for our customers being the only constant, we notice that the inventory solutions often became the bottleneck for the organization. 


Witnessing the hurdles of the solutions in place  today we decided to build the next generation of geospatial asset management: Marlin, your Network Digital Twin. 

  1. The connectivity is managed by the data - not the GIS.

  2. The visualisation is calculated on the fly - not by the data nor the GIS.

  3. Maximum use of microservices for scalability and simplify integrations to ERP.

  4. Built on top of a proven GIS solution - not reinventing the wheel.

  5. Multi-utility capabilities - from telco, water, sewage, electricity, gas, … 


The Marlin Solution

Build on Esri GIS

The Marlin Desktop solution leverages the power of Esri ArcGIS Pro to streamline your network lifecycle management. From planning and design to construction and maintenance. Take full control of your asset management with the power of a desktop solution.


The Marlin Web solution enables you to have real-time access to your geospatial assets in a browser (smartphone, tablet, desktop), wherever you are. Depending on your rights, you can have read and/or write access.


Manage your Marlin solution through the low-code Marlin Management Console. Your needs of Marlin will change over time, so your solution needs to change as well while keeping COPEX under control. 

With Esri being the world-wide leader in GIS, we don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Marlin uses the most powerful GIS desktop application for all the embedded GIS functionality: Esri ArcGIS Pro. The Marlin Web solution consumes the GIS capabilities of Esri ArcGIS Server. By integrating Marlin to the Esri stack, our users have access to the full ecosystem of Esri based solutions. 

Thanks to Marlin, all users of your organization can have the access they need to streamline their daily operations, improve efficiency and finally gain trust in the asset data for improved decision making.