The People behind Marlin...


... are the people behind Merkator.


In the end it is all about good people that make the difference.

Merkator is not the exception here.


Merkator has different operational units. Some of our people focus on professional services in the industries we serve while other people have a passion on building robust Merkator software suites targeted to the markets we serve.


Our Marlin Digital Twin business unit, initially started as an R&D project in 2014, targets the telecommunications providers, the smartgrid operators and all other types of network infrastructure owners.


The Marlin software unit operates from our Merkator Labs with headquarters near Brussels, Belgium. 

Marlin Digital twin

Marlin Product Center


The Marlin Product Center composes of 25 people at present with different technical backgrounds. The Marlin team has a respectable track record of building enterprise engineering software solutions. The world of telecom and smartgrid is not new to them. A strong combination of Telecom experts and IT-experts makes the difference. Over the past years our people contributed to several critical international software development programs before joining Merkator and the Marlin program.  

Executive Management


Marlin Digital twin

Geert De Coensel

Chief Executive Officer

Marlin Digital twin

Geert started his career at Hexagon when 3D CAD Engineering software was just surfacing. Being a people person, Geert can connect to customers to better understand the fast changing challenges, always looking for the best solution. Quickly, Geert became a top Executive, focusing on key markets such as Utilities & Communications and Public Safety Control Rooms. In 2011 Geert made the choice to revolutionize the GIS market and build a strong business unit to develop his vision of a next-generation geospatial asset management solution.

Marlin Digital twin
Marlin Digital twin

Dave started his career in remote sensing and geomatics before becoming Program Manager at Hexagon. Today he is actively involved in substantial change programs in the SmartGrid community. With his strong innovation leadership and worldwide overview of the utility market, Dave leads the Marlin solution in the right direction.

Dave Dionne

Chief Strategy Officer

Marlin Digital twin
Marlin Digital twin

Olivier started his career at Esri before joining Hexagon. Olivier is able to analyse the most complex situations and workflows and find the best solution with sometimes astonishing facility. Over the years he made major impact on how several Utility Companies organized the entire Asset Live cycle.  Today, Olivier is responsible for the overall technical architecture of Marlin.

Olivier Demanet

Chief Technology Officer

Marlin Digital twin
Marlin Digital twin

​Luc started his career in the planning of optimized FTTx networks for Belgian based Comsof Fiber. Being able to cross the bridge between technical developers and the end-users, Luc is able to translate Marlin to the market. Today, Luc is responsible for the commercial strategy of Marlin and our growing international Partner Channel.

Luc De Heyn

Chief Commercial Officer

Marlin Digital twin

Vincent has over 25 years of experience in businesses that deliver location-based products and services to numerous industries such as Transportation, Geo-ICT, Emerging Technologies & Automotive. Over the years he acquired a vast knowhow in developing and selling new solutions at an international scale, setting up and managing subsidiaries across the globe, closing strategic partnerships and contributing to strong international growth.

Marlin Digital twin

Vincent Maenhaut

Chief Operational Officer Software

Leo Nederlof (1).JPG
Marlin Digital twin

​Leo is a telecom expert with more than 28 years of experience. During the first half of his career Leo worked as a research scientist at Alcatel in Belgium and Corning Inc. in the US. He contributed to the development of innovative network architectures and technologies, and authored many publications, conference presentations and obtained several patents. Leo returned to Belgium in 2006 to work as an independent consultant, amongst others on several fiber network builds in Africa. In 2008 Leo joined Network Mining as a partner, where in 2018 through the acquisition of Network Mining he became part of Merkator.

Leo Nederlof

Architect Marlin Network Mining