Marlin is built on top of the Esri architecture, with ArcGIS Pro as a desktop application and ArcGIS Server to discover your data in web and mobile applications.


Marlin ArcGIS Pro

Marlin Navigator

Marlin Man. Console

Marlin Probing






Automation Flows to speed up design process and create flexible to-build documentation or reports

Discover the active and passive asset information in web and mobile applications

Administration of Automation Flows and Reports

The Marlin Probing Engine discovers your network devices and represents the actual network, combining devices from various hardware vendors like Juniper, Huawei, Alcatel, …


Dynamic Views to understand the existing or planned infrastructure

Based on the ArcGIS Pro desktop application for full GIS Capabilities

Redlining capabilities 

Lightweight GIS for maximum viewing and discovery

The ‘discovered’ network is represented in a unique, user-friendly way. Connected to the Marlin DT Desktop and Web applications, or as a stand-a-lone.

Designed for

Designers to create

to-build plans

Apply as-built information

Discover the active and passive network with GIS capabilities

Field engineers to better understand the connections for faster time-to-repair

Network Operation Center users to interpret the network from passive to active.

User administration