Marlin User Workflows & Data Quality


The Marlin connectivity model and the Marlin User Workflows support your users in minimizing the risk of data corruption. We enabled the necessary data quality and data governance flows so you can trust your data to make the right decisions. Marlin guides the user through his entire validation workflow making it impossible to create clutter data. 

Through our flexible Connectivity Models and Automation Business Flows Marlin will ensure the 6 dimensions of data quality: Completeness, Consistency, Conformity, Accuracy, Integrity and Timeliness. We understand that data quality is an important matter to maximize the value of your data. Degradation of data quality has been a big frustration of the industry and it all starts with allowing to make input errors. Marlin is the judge to prevent unlogical data entry and inconsistencies. 

What is a Marlin User Workflow?   


If your users are performing complex tasks in the inventory management system, it is of outmost importance they make no mistakes. A Marlin User Workflow is a step-by-step process that supports the user in following the right procedures, entering correct information, before continuing to the next step in the workflow.


All user input is dynamically validated, and your users are guided in the entire process. Both "on-the-fly" and "on post" validation rules are supported.


Marlin will automate the data modification and validation process. Based on rules and predefined controlled steps your users will be able to speed up all routine tasks without errors.

What makes Marlin Automation Flows so unique?  


Because the flows are fully configurable in a low-code environment: the Marlin Management Console. If your users need an additional flow, your own team can implement that flow. It is straightforward to add more functionality to your Marlin solution, without upgrading or updating the entire deployment.

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